In collaboration with Dr. Niels Verhulst from the Laboratory of Entomology at Wageningen University, we've been exploring the creation of Artificial Sweat. Niels' research investigates how skin bacteria metabolise certain compounds found in sweat, producing odourants that act as key attractants for Anopheles gambiae (malaria) mosquitoes. Linking to this, we've been exploring the design of an artificial growth medium, in which these microbial communities can thrive.

In an attempt to create a replica of our body's smell, we are therefore deconstructing sweat, working with microbial populations from our feet and axila to test different artificial sweat compositions.

Artificial Sweat is thus an on-going research within White Smog, which experiments with the production of body odourants, textures and the design of related artefacts, to consider the potential of molecular companions as a means to explore cross-species communication.